1942 Dated Tropical Frog and S89/98 Bayonet

1942 Dated Tropical Frog and S89/98 Bayonet

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An S 84/98 Bayonet and heavy cotton webbing Bayonet Frog, these frogs originally intended for the African Front.

The Bayonet has double eagle waffenampt stamps to the pommel with the bayonet release button working well. The grip plates are wood, the front plate with bruising cause by the reverse of the retaining strap button on the frog. The blade is very good, the Ricasso  stamped S/172, 1654 and dated 36.

The scabbard is by Horster 1940 dated and in very good condition but mis matched to the Bayonet and numbered 4500.

Dated 1942 the webbing Frog is of course the most interesting part of this duo. In very good condition it is without damage or wear and although by 1945 these frogs were in use in all theatres this 42 dated example certainly lends itself to an Afrika Korps collection


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