1944 Dated British Slouch Hat

1944 Dated British Slouch Hat

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A very nice example of a British 1944 dated Slouch Hat made by Denham & Hargrave Ltd in Atherstone, England.

The Hat is in generally very good condition and complete with the often missing leather sweatband. There are no moth holes but there are some very light moth trails and some brown marks at the back and front of the crown and to one edge of the brim. These are perhaps where it has been suspended by a clamp for drying?

There are 5 vent eyelets to each side, the left side of the brim held up by a single Newey press fastener. At the front is a General Service Cap Badge whilst on the raised brim is the brass badge of a marksman or Musketeer. There is a break in one of the rifles, but it remains secure.

Inside, the sweatband and fittings are in very good condition, the chinstrap in place.