1945 Dated British Army Jungle Boots

1945 Dated British Army Jungle Boots

Code: 55693


An absolutely complete and untouched pair of WW2 British Jungle Boots this being the special pattern issued to British infantry in the Far East in the late WW2 period. 

Specifically designed for jungle warfare the Boots had: non-rusting heel cleats and sole studding, waterproofed leather (in brown), extra thick soles, rot-proof stitching throughout, a leather loop to the rear to allow the laces to be tied around the ankle to provide a close seal with the trousers against insects, and special rot-proof laces (in grey).

Whilst  Boots  are a small size they represent the only complete pair I have come across in that most unusually they still retain the rare special grey rot-proof laces unique to this pattern. In my experience these are always missing or replaced with something else. The Boots are size 6 and 1945 dated.

A scarce WW2 pattern ideal for a mannequin display