1955 RAF F Type Helmet Size 4 With H Mask and Electrics

1955 RAF F Type Helmet Size 4 With H Mask and Electrics

Code: 55883


Not to be confused with the later Type G Helmets this 1955 dated helmet is a rather rare Type F helmet, in a good size 4, the largest made.

Designed for use with the new Mk1 (Bone Dome) Helmets and 1a these helmets were very comfortable and light weight and commonly worn without the Bone Dome in aircraft with a multi crew complement.

Complete with the large internal leather ear pads, speakers, wiring loom and cord and a 1964 dated Type H Mask and Oxygen tube, the helmet and all accessories are in very good condition showing little signs of use with just one split to the rubber covering on the NATO connector plug at the end of the loom cord. The Helmet carries it’s original 22c/1932 label.

The Mask is completely without cracks or splits as is the oxygen tube.

A lovely complete example from the cold war era and one which I believe would be difficult to upgrade.

Sold as a collector’s item but quite possibly suitable for use after being certified by a competent authority.