1st Pattern Luftwaffe Double Decal Helmet with Unit Markings

1st Pattern Luftwaffe Double Decal Helmet with Unit Markings

Code: 55740


A completely untouched and unmolested Luftwaffe Double Decal ET66 M35 helmet.

The first time on the market this is an early helmet of perhaps 1939 manufacture and features the first pattern eagle. Of particular note are the stamped unit markings to the liner, Fl. Gr. P. Kup.  I’m still researching these, but I believe they refer to Fliegerhorst (Airfield) Group P at Sagan- Kupper in Silesia, an airfield close to the famous Stalag Luft 111 at Sagan. It was originally a manufacturing base for Arado aircraft and then became a training airfield and later a base for KG55 and ground attack aircraft of 11./SG2 , finally becoming a training base for Fallschirmjager.  

The shell is free from damage but does show it’s age with a moderate amount of paint loss. The eagle decal has about 25% loss, mostly to it’s left wing and the tricolour shield about a 15% loss.

Inside, the rim is stamped ET66 and 4203. The liner band is the reinforced aluminium band and has never been disturbed, the two front rivets tight whilst the rear rivet has become a little slack. The white speckles inside the shell are I believe fly droppings and not paint so should clean away with ease.

The leather tongues are without damage and held by the original drawstring whilst the chinstrap is supple and free from damage.