2nd  Pattern British WW1 Brodie Helmet

2nd Pattern British WW1 Brodie Helmet

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A very nice example of a British Rimmed Brodie Helmet from the second half of WW1.

This is the 2nd Version of the MK1 Helmet dating from after May 1917. At that date a rubber protection ring was introduced to the crown of the helmet, these were inserted beneath the felt pad at the top of the helmet. Earlier versions of the Mk1 Brodie do not have this rubber ring as we have here.

The “HS” marking to the inside of the rim is for the steel producer Hadfield Ltd (Sheffield)

The sweatband is of the usual oil cloth, the Brodie patent stamp clearly visible on the underside. The linen lining is very good, the chinstrap is intact.

Overall a very good example, the shell with the original paint, the helmet generally , without damage.