A Collection of Items from the Estate of a U Boat Officer

A Collection of Items from the Estate of a U Boat Officer

Code: 56309


A very nice collection of artefacts, named to (and accompanied by a letter of provenance) Olt. Georg Kuhlmann who was as an engineering officer on U-1223.

Kuhlmann served on U-1223 from October 1943 until April 1945 and completed one patrol and in total 126 days at sea. He survived the war and died in 2005, these items purported to have come from his estate.

The pinnacle of the collection is a beautiful U-Boat War Badge in Tombak by Schwerin, Berlin 68, in very good condition and retaining most of the original fire gilding. The letter of provenance (dated 2005) makes specific reference to this badge which is completely free from damage.

His Seesack, in very good condition and still with Kumlmann’s name tag sewn to the inside of the cover flap. There are no other markings to the Seesack, exactly as I would expect to see on a wartime Kriegsmarine example.

Finally, there are two pairs of his shoulder boards, one of the pass through type for wear on the U-Boat Jacket, tropical uniform etc. and complete with the engineer’s career device and buttons and one pair, without the device, off the slip on type with buttons.

As the last image shows there appears to be a German language book available on U-1223 but no copy is included