A Collection of Maps to a Major in the 1st Canadian Army

A Collection of Maps to a Major in the 1st Canadian Army

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An interesting collection of Maps and a Map Reading Lamp formerly belonging to Major F.T. Jenner of the Canadian Armoured Corps and South Alberta Regiment who became an M.B.E on the 23rd. December 1944.

Contained in a Globetrotter style case measuring 29cms x 21cms and named to Maj. F.T Jenner, HQ First CDN Army there are 35 laminated and folded War Revision Ordnance Survey Maps of various areas of the U.K. some with airfields marked.

In the case lid are three key cards dated 1941 one making reference to “Tank Map Boxes” and intended for taking tracks or bearing from the Maps.

Also included is his Magnifying Map Reading Lamp, Canadian made for a British contract (CGB – Contract Great Britain)

All elements of the collection are in very good condition although I am not able to unscrew the base of the lamp which appears also to have a split in it. 

Further research into Major Jenner may prove useful but  Divisional Headquarters were established at Headley Court Hampshire, later the Headquarters of 1st Canadian Corps (a combination of the 1st and 2nd Canadian Divisions). Headley Court served as the senior Canadian field headquarters throughout almost the entire period until the First Canadian Army moved to France in 1944, Major Jenner most probably accompanying them.