A collection of Original LRDG photographs Collected over some 50 years

A collection of Original LRDG photographs Collected over some 50 years

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An exceptional collection of approximately 110 original Photographs and Photocards to the Long Range Desert Group all part of one collection and collated over a period of some 50 years.

Predominantly smaller format photographs typical of the period, I have arranged them in groups with the annotations on the back of the images listed here in order.

  1. 1.Parachute training in Lebanon. Para Instructor. Derek Spears (2). Time for a Little music. Just one of our fellows in a training harness. Capt John Olivey MC and Bar POW at Leros (small picture)
  2. 2. S1 & S2 Patrols in Albania (photocard). Capt. Olivey (2) as above
  3. 3. Italian gun battery on Leros. Mick Rundle. Bombs falling on Leros. Andy Bennet, self and Mick Rundle cooking lunch- Lebanon. Survivors from Leros including Dick Edwards Capt Eastwood, Len Thurgood, Berry.
  4. 4. April 1942 after 6 days journey in the desert. Desert journey from Quassaba to Gambut Libya. Ron Low.
  5. 5. Charlie Ryan. Sam. Van Rensburg, Mac and Self (Ron C). Rhodesian Patrol. 2 Simpsons.
  6. 6. Camped down for the night in a big wadi. Mick Rundle. Italian Bomber.
  7. 7. The road we watched behind enemy lines. An Old Barracks at ? Van Rensurg. Blowing up Italian truck.
  8. 8. Tich Hays, Eddie Burch, Ben Harding, Alf Page and Don C (SAS wings). Myself, Don, Alf Page, Eddie Birch, Tich Haye, Bill Cooke. H.Simp, Dougherty, G Riggs, K Low, Reg Mc , T Scott.
  9. 9. LRDG (Photocard). Burnt out He111. Heck Simpson wounded carried back 800 miles.
  10. 10. Sapper Alan Row at reunion in 1963. Tommy Scott. George Knee. Two-man sub Toranto. Crashed British bomber (Wellington) and one truck.
  11. 11. Don Coventry DCM (photocard) Andy Bennett cutting Tommy Bradfield’s hair. Crashed German plane with a few of the lads standing round. Self fetching water. The edge of the sand sea.
  12. 12. Tiny. John Kroger 1942. Pail News 1946 SOE.

All in very good condition