A Rare Original of the German Made U Boat Blouse - The Packchen

A Rare Original of the German Made U Boat Blouse - The Packchen

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Perhaps one of the most sought after and certainly the most difficult to find are the German manufactured U-Boat Blouses, the Packchen.

In my own collect over 15 years ago and originally obtained from a U-Boat collector on the Southern Coast of France, I later sold it to another collector. It has now returned  as a consignment piece and is of course guaranteed as absolutely original as with everything I offer.

Constructed in a lightweight green herringbone pattern cloth with distinctive white stitching it is in overall excellent condition with absolutely no wear or damage.

Front closure is by 5 buttons with a 6th at the waistband. There are two pleated and flapped patch pockets closed with identical buttons with the waistband secured by a strap which is held closed by a double friction buckle and which then  folds backs on itself when in wear.

This is a large size and as with all original documented examples, is without stamps.

During its time with the previous owner, he added award loops and original shoulder boards for display purposes. These can easily be removed if required. Above the left breast pocket are signs of stitching which once held a long internal pocket. The pocket is no longer present but this is yet another sign of the jackets originality.

Beware of dressed British army denim blouses designed to deceive. Some not even of the correct pattern these should always be treated as spurious unless accompanied by provenance. I have only ever had one original converted and provenanced example in my own collection, also those that claim to be of the “Packchen type" are I believe civilain workmen's jackets and are usually without a waistbelt.

A rare original survivour.