A U-Boat Collection Relating to Two Brothers Who Served on U-Boats

A U-Boat Collection Relating to Two Brothers Who Served on U-Boats

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A fine collection of U-Boat artefacts belonging two brothers, Heinz Otto who served on U-993 and finally U-480, and Paul Otto who served on U-523.

Paul was to become a POW as one of 37 survivors in August 1943 when U-523 was attacked by a Wellington of 179 Squadron along the Destroyer H.M.S Wallflower, the U-Boat forced to surface and subsequently sunk by gunfire from Wallflower. Heinz was to be lost when U-480 was destroyed in a minefield in February 1945.

Accompanied by a large amount of research material covering the U-Boats and ships, along with an interrogation report and copious other information, the collection comprises:

A photo Postcard of Heinz Otto sent to his brother Paul. Two original photographs, one of U-621 leaving on a patrol in February 1943 and one of the 9th Flotilla Swordfish Emblem above the U-Boat pens, presumably at Brest. Several copy photographs including what I assume to be a picture in a light-hearted moment of Heinz wearing the awards he left behind prior to his last patrol.

Two wonderful hand made and painted wooden plaques “As a reminder of my enemy journeys”, one to U-523 with the 10th Flotilla Emblem and one for U-993 with the 9th Flotilla emblem. Both in very good condition.

A zinc Wound Badge in Silver in fair condition with damage to the wreath.

An unmarked U-Boat Badge in zinc but attributed to the maker Funcke & Bruninghaus. Very good condition but with the gilding now lost.

A second pattern U-Boat Combat Clasp in Bronze by Schwerin constructed in zinc. Very good condition but with wear to the bronzed finish.

An Iron Cross Second Class and ribbon in very good condition. Suspension ring marked 55 (J.E. Hammer) With Ribbon bar.

A gilded metal Eagle hat badge with prongs intact.

A cut down Kriegsmarine Hat Ribbon.

A small Kriegsmarine button, an enlisted man’s Breast Eagle and an unknown Fouled Anchor emblem perhaps relating to a Boatswain career.