Air Transport Auxiliary Named RAF B Type helmet

Air Transport Auxiliary Named RAF B Type helmet

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Originally part of and A.T.A. collection in the U.S this RAF B Type Helmet was once the property Captain Erwin Theodore Heering Air Transport Auxiliary, an American.

The Helmet itself is in very good condition, free from damage apart from a small area to the lining where the stitching has come undone. In keeping with the practice later in the war, the label, undoubtably Frank Bryan, has been removed but I estimate it is perhaps a size 2.

The helmet has clearly been used by two people during its service and bears the names of F/O Heering, later inscribed by him, Capt. E Heering, 1940 England ATA RAF Whitchurch Aerodrome. In addition, it is also named to F/O J.A. Quaife who was a Maps and signals Assistant between October 1942 and November 1945. Clearly, he seized every opportunity to fly, perhaps in conjunction with his duties. Herring was to become Commanding Officer of No. 10 Ferry Pool in Lossiemouth. The picture of him is credit to the ATA archive and can be found online and is not included.

A true and rare piece of ATA history.