Army Officials Waffenrock

Army Officials Waffenrock

Code: 56019


An excellent example of a Parade or Walking Out Dress Waffenrock to an Army Official with and equivalent rank of Oberleutnant.

Tailored in the beautiful soft field grey doeskin material, the Waffenrock is without pockets and closed by eight silver washed aluminium pebbled aluminium buttons with the front button flap piped with the green of the Officials. The lay flat collar is closed by a pair of hooks and eyes.

Each cuff is finished in a blue /green with a pair of vertical tabs with matching ornamental buttons, the tabs piped with the white of a medium grade non technical career officer.

On the right breast is a high quality officer’s hand embroidered eagle in silver wire whilst the shoulder boards are distinctive with the dark green underlay again piped in white and with a green stripe within the Russian braid. On the left breast is a four ribbon pin back medal bar fitted by two correctly applied loops.

The right shoulder board has a screw and post pebbled aluminium button which allows the board to lifted, revealing a button onto which an aiguillette can be attached. Both shoulder boards are of the sew in type and have the pips appropriate to the rank and an HV device in gold of the Heeresverwaltungsdeinst ( Army Civil Service). Finally, the blue / green down collar has a fine pair of hand embroidered silver wire collar tabs on the green backing of the Officials piped in the white waffenfarbe, correctly open ended towards the front.

Inside, the full lining is in artificial silk with one pocket.

Overall condition is very good. There are minor moth nips on the left arm vertical cuff tabs and on one or two to the back of the Waffenrock, none of which are immediately noticeable.