Bakelite Mk111 WW2 Clam Mine - Inert

Bakelite Mk111 WW2 Clam Mine - Inert

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An excellent example of a WW11 Clam Mine of the type  widely used by elements of the SOE (Special Operations Executive), but also by the British commando, as well as the Parachutist troops.

The Clam is a small time-device with a magnetic base which enables it to be attached instantly to any flat iron or steel surface. It consists in the main of a Bakelite shell in the form of an oblong box with rounded corners. The base of this box has a detachable lid to a compartment intended to hold the explosive, in this case completely empty and inert, whilst at each end are four powerful magnets.

In the top of the box is a recess or tube to take a standard "L" Delay time pen. Included and shown in the pictures is an excellent reproduction of a 7day fuse. The standard "L" Delays used were issued in cartons of 10, and in timings of: 1-hour, 6-hours, 12-hours, 24-hours, 3-days, 7-days, 14-days and 28-days. The fuse is held in place by a retaining clip.

The Mk III version which I believe this is, had the explosive charge of 8 oz (226 g) of TNT or Tetryl 55/45.

Overall condition is very good with absolutely no damage to the Bakelite.