Battle damaged WW1 Berndorfer Helmet

Battle damaged WW1 Berndorfer Helmet

Code: 56406


A poignant and Battle damaged example of the extremely rare WW1 Autro-Hungarian “Berndorfer” Helmet.

The Helmet displays obvious shrapnel and bullet damage and retains only one of the liner pads, the remainder lost to the impact. The liner band remains in place as does most of the original brown paint.

The Berndorfer was the first steel helmet produced by Austro-Hungary. It was referred to as the “Stahlhelme nach inländischem Muster” or “Steel helmets of domestic pattern,” which is commonly translated these days as the “domestic model.” It was also simply called “Berndorfer Stahlhelme,” or “Berndorfer steel helmet.” “Berndorfer” is the name most typically used by collectors. It was produced by the Arthur Krupp A.G. firm in Berndorf, Austria, hence the name.

On this example the Bear logo is no longer visible.