Belgian SS Supports Badge & Belgian NSDAP Pillowcase

Belgian SS Supports Badge & Belgian NSDAP Pillowcase

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A very rare Flemish Allgemeine-SS "SS BL" Financial Supporter's Badge and Belgian NSDAP Pillowcase acquired together by one collector in the very early 1970’s.

The buttonhole Badge is known as the type 2 which bears no maker’s marks but is known to have been manufactured by the Belgian firm of Zoll in Antwerp. It is in silvered and enamelled bronze, 21.25mm x 14.75mm and carriers the initials B L (Begunstigende Ledenspeld) either side of the SS runes. Condition is very good with no damage.

The Pillowcase is beautifully made in white cotton with a double thickness open end closed by three (one missing) threaded buttons similar to those seen on the Luftwaffe officer’s shirt collars. The lower end has an attractive machine embroidered floral design. Dimensions are about 550mm x 420mm.

There are two property stamps “Amt fur volkswohlrahrt AO NSDAP Landesgruppe Belgien”  ( Office for People's Welfare AO NSDAP Landesgruppe Belgium). Very good condition.