Blood Order Pocket Ribbon and NSDAP Button

Blood Order Pocket Ribbon and NSDAP Button

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A rare example of a Blood Order Pocket Flap Ribbon and NSDAP button, both in near excellent condition.  

The Blood Order was arguably the most prestigious award given out by the NSDAP in its 25 year existence. It was created to commemorate the events of November 9th, 1923, the failed Beer Hall Putsch when Hitler first exercised his intention to take over Germany. During this uprising, the  Party defiantly marched through Munich where it was fired upon by the police and 16 of its members were killed.

Hitler was subsequently arrested for his actions and the Party stagnated during his incarceration. He was released in 1925, and work to rebuild the Party from the ground up began in earnest again.

After the Assumption of Power by the NSDAP, in 1934 an award was created, (in typical Nazi fashion), in gratitude for service and loyalty towards the Party during its turbulent beginnings. In tribute to its 16 fallen martyrs and the rest who were present, an order known as the Blutorden, or Blood Order was established and awarded, and carried with it the solemn motto: "Und Ihr Habt Doch Gesiegt", or, "And yet you conquered" which came to define the sacrifices made by those present on that fateful day.

November 9th became a state holiday under the Nazis, with faithful recreations of the march carried out every year by the original participants including Hitler himself. A special department was created exclusively to manage Blood Order membership and preserve their contributions, and a Blood Order member was treated with the highest possible respect by other NSDAP members. As such, there were multiple opportunities to display your award, among them the medal itself, ribbons, medal bars, pins, etc.

The ribbon is in excellent condition as is the original NSDAP button, held in place by a period S clip and has been clearly NSDAP tunic removed.