Boxed RAF Flotation Lamp - 41 Pattern Mae West

Boxed RAF Flotation Lamp - 41 Pattern Mae West

Code: 55608


An unissued and boxed Air Ministry marked Flotation Lamp as carried in the side pockets of the ’41 Pattern Mae West.

The cylindrical battery holder retains all of the original factory paint with AM and an Air Ministry Crown and 5A/2728 raised from the pressing. Inside the factory paper packing remains. The is one minor dent

The Flotation Lamp itself is also in very good condition, the bulb remaining in place under the domed cover.

As seems always to be the case with these lamps, the rubber insulation to the wiring has hardened and cracked with some loss.

The stores box is in very good condition although the paper labels have now gone though the wax paper packing is present.