British Baltic Medal 1854-1855

British Baltic Medal 1854-1855

Code: 56445


The Baltic Medal was instituted in April 1856 and was primarily awarded to members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines as well as a small detachment of Sappers. It was awarded in recognition of actions in the Baltic against Russia during the period of the Crimean War, adding pressure on the Russian forces coping with enemy forces on two fronts.

The reverse design shows Britannia with, in the background, the Russian-held forts at Bomarsund and Sveaborg ( demolished by the Sappers) with the dates 1854-1855

On the obverse at the base of the head of Queen Victoria is the name of the engraver W Wyon RA , head engraver at the Royal Mint,and on the reverse the engravers name L C Wyon. (Son of the engraver of the obverse)

The award was issued un-named and recipients wishing their details included had to have this be privately engraved, the exception was for the small number of awards to Sappers which were officially impressed.

The award was also authorised for French allies. A total of 37,108 were awarded to British servicemen.

Overall condition is very good.