British Brodie Helmet with Original North Africa Formation Sign

British Brodie Helmet with Original North Africa Formation Sign

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Whilst any original WW2 British Brodie Helmet with a formation sign must be considered rare (despite the recent and worrying profusion of so called originals) this example carries perhaps one of the rarest.

Still with the remains of its original sand coloured paint to the shell, a clear period stencil applied formation sign for the Cyrenaica District remains in place.

The Helmet itself is in poor condition, the shell undamaged but with rust coming through the paint, the inside having suffered most. The liner tongues have curled and the bump pad has become detached. Whilst no markings can be made out on the shell the liner bands show that J Compton Sons & Webb produced the Mk1, size 71/4 liner in 1939. There is no chinstrap.

The formation sign shows two Greek pillars, one of which is broken representing the ruins of Carthage, now a suburb of Tunis in Tunisia, and set on a white square background. This was Cyrenaica Districts Badge after its establishment as an administrative HQ for the British Army after the defeat and conquer of the former Italian colony.

The headquarters were established in Benghazi Libya on 7th February 1943 and moved later to Barce on the 9th March.

A rare and original Helmet from  the North African theatre well worthy of a replacement donor lining.