British Royal Army Ordnance Corps Battledress Jacket - 1942 Dated

British Royal Army Ordnance Corps Battledress Jacket - 1942 Dated

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 A good WW2 Battledress Jacket with originally applied insignia to a corporal in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps within the British 82nd (West Africa) Division. 1942 dated and of Australian manufacture,  not an uncommon feature given the Allies' typically disparate supply situation in the Far East.

To each shoulder there is applied an embroidered R.A.O.C shoulder title for the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, with below that the printed crossed spears and porter’s headband sign of the 82nd (West Africa) Division, with then below that the red/blue/red Arm of Service strip of the R.O.A.C. The sleeves also bear and interesting pair of corporal stripes. I believe these to be theatre made as they differ from the norm in both size and colour.

Overall condition is very good and free from any sign of moth damage. All front closure and cuff buttons are in dished brass and all are present

The 82nd Division was one of two such divisions raised in 1943 from Britain’s pre war West African colonies. It consisted of troops from the Gold Coast, Nigeria and Britain. It fought the whole war in the Burma campaign.