British Windproof Camouflage Smock and Trousers

British Windproof Camouflage Smock and Trousers

Code: 56424


A scarce British Windproof Suit comprising Camouflaged Smock and Trousers

The loose cut four-pocket smock is made of lightweight windproof fabric and fitted with an integral hood, pulled over the head to be worn there being no provisions for zip or button opening to the chest. There are button back tabs fitted to the cuffs to permit tighter closing at the wrists and the elbows and forearms are reinforced with extra panels of matching camouflage print cloth. Fitted to both the hood and the lower skirt of the smock are lengths of brown braid, permitting tighter adjustment to the wearer. The garment is printed in broad shades of chocolate-brown, mid-brown, light-green and khaki green overlaid on a light-brown base colour.

The label is somewhat washed out but the details are discernible, “Smock Windproof, Size No 1 , Height 5’3”- 5’ 5”, Breast 33” 35”, John Lee & Co Manchester, 1943”  

Overall condition is very good with slight machine stitching at both cuffs and one pocket I assume to close small cuts.

Trousers are in very good condition. They have a waistband adjustable by a brown braid tape, a single slash pocket at each side and a large patch pocket on the left leg. The seat has a semi circular reinforcement panel. The label is stitched to the outside and remains clear, “ Trousers Windproof, Size No2, Height 5’3” – 5’ 5”, Waist 31” – 33”, C.W.S. Ltd and provision for a manufacturing date but this was never added.

Intended to be worn as an over suit on top of wool vest, shirt and jersey, or over the Battledress. The pattern of printed camouflage was unique to this form of dress and it became popular with the Special Air Service and various commando units. However, during the latter stages of the Second World War, entire infantry units are known to have been issued with the suit in Belgium during the cold winter of 1944-45.