British WW1 Stokes Trench Mortar D. P. Round

British WW1 Stokes Trench Mortar D. P. Round

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A WW1 3” Stokes Mortar inert high explosive projectile marked “D P” (demonstration Purposes)

The mortar projectile is a steel tube shaped canister with a detonator and firing cartridge holder at the rear end and a fuse mechanism at the front end.

The cartridge holder has gas vent holes along the body. The projectile is repainted khaki and there are a red and green filling rings painted around the body. Markings, 3” S.T. Mk2 D.P. The red ring indicates that the bomb is filled, the green ring indicates the type of explosive filling. However, this projectile and was intended as a training piece. Overall condition is very good.

The 3” Stokes Mortar high explosive projectile was introduced into British Army service in 1916 and remained in service on the Western Front for the duration of the First World War. This mortar bomb is inert and empty of any fillings.

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