British1922 Pattern Jacket Service Dress O.R. 1940 38

British1922 Pattern Jacket Service Dress O.R. 1940 38" Chest

Code: 55870


Correctly referred to as “Jackets, Service Dress, O.R” (other ranks) this is the 1922 pattern Briton went to war with in 1939.

Made in a good size 11 and labelled for a size 38”/39” chest with an almost indistinguishable date which appears to be May 1940 , this supported by a WD inspector’s stamp “O”

Constructed in the standard Khaki serge the Jacket has two lower flapped pockets and two flapped and pleated breast pockets with a rifle patch to each shoulder. There is a single row of five buttons for closure. All buttons including those to the shoulder straps are general service and the two belt support hangers are in place.

Overall condition is very good, the Jacket appearing unissued. There are two pin prick size moth nips, one to the right sleeve and one to the right breast pocket.

A very nice example.