Canadian 1944 Dated

Canadian 1944 Dated "Winter Whites" Smock

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A white unlined non-reversible cotton lightweight over-smock with fitted hood known as the “Winter Whites”, these Canadian made Smocks are seen in period images worn by Canadian troops during the fighting in Western Europe (notably the Netherlands) during the winter of 1944

The smock is large enough to be worn over the man's uniform and personal equipment, having a concealed draw cord fitted to the waist for tightening.

To the chest are fitted two slash pockets with button-down flaps angled at 45 degrees. The fitted hood has a pair of metal pop-fasteners attached (matching a pair fitted to the neck of the smock) allowing the hood to be secured when not worn over the head. Fitted around the edge of the hood is a white cord tie permitting the hood to be tightened around the wearer's head; at the throat is a pair of white plastic buttons which, when fastened, ensures only minimal facial exposure.

Each cuff has a buttoned fold back which can be closed over gloves or mittens which themselves can be attached inside the sleeves.

The Montreal maker’s label is in place with a good clear 1944 date.

Overall condition is very good with no damage.