Civil Defence Warden Blouse. Isle of Ely 1942, 42-44

Civil Defence Warden Blouse. Isle of Ely 1942, 42-44" Chest

Code: 55979


A good example of the ARP 57 Blouse used by the Civil Defence during WW11

From May 1941 full-time and regular part-time wardens were issued with dark blue Blouses and Trousers and beret taking over from the boiler suits. Constructed in a heavy ribbed wool / serge material it followed the design of the Battledress.

The Blouse is clean and in a large size 18 to fit a breast size of 42” – 44” with the label clearly showing a 1942 date.

There are two flapped and buttoned breast pockets and a hidden five button front closure with hooks and eyes at the top and with shoulder straps. As with the Battledress Blouse there is a waist strap.

Both sleeves have the chevrons of a senior Warden and both have Warden Shoulder Titles. On the lower right sleeve are the inverted service chevrons of three years’ service which tie in with the WW1 medal ribbons on the left breast. On the left breast pocket is the Civil Defence Badge for the Isle of Ely which formed part of Civil Defence Region 4, Eastern – Cambridge.

Overall appearance is excellent but there is an area of moth damage on the right hand back panel which I have shown in the picture, along with one moth hole on the left sleeve.