Deutscher Schutzen Verband Dress Bayonet

Deutscher Schutzen Verband Dress Bayonet

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A quite beautiful and I believe very rare example of a Third Reich period Dress bayonet to the Deutsher Schützen Verband , the German Shooting Association  which was Founded in 1861 in Gotha and re-founded in 1951 following it’s closure after WW2.

In near mint condition the bayonet features a nickel plated hilt with eagle’s head and release button for a K98 bayonet fitting. The stag horn grips are secured with nickel plated rivets, the outer grip with the association disc with “Deutsher Schützen Verband” two Swastikas, an eagle with folded wings and target to the breast. The crossguard has a single arm.

The blade is as exceptional as the rest of the bayonet. Approximately 250mm in length there is no damage and no loss to the nickel plating, the backward facing Eickhorn Squirrel motive clear and dating it to perhaps 1941/42.

Finally, the Scabbard retain a good 99% of the original factory black enamel painted finish.

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