Double Decal ex Snow Camouflaged Heer M35 Helmet

Double Decal ex Snow Camouflaged Heer M35 Helmet

Code: 55832


An exceptionally rare Double Decal ex Snow Camouflaged M35 Helmet.

An ET 64 with a lot number of 3881 this is a reissue example. The original factory paint appears to have been overpainted or whitewashed in white and later covered in a brush applied field grey.

The shell is without damage and on the left side is an excellent ET decal dating the helmet, along with the lot number, to a post 1937 piece. On the right side is a nice tri colour decal but in my view this may have be “liberated”, the covering paint applied during the reissue process expertly removed.

Inside, the stampings to the flare are clear, an owner’s name painted in white. The reenforced liner band fits snugly to the shell and the leather tongues remain soft and without damage, a drawstring holding them in place. Finally, the chinstrap is very good but slightly shortened, the remains of an Rb number remaining.

A very nice helmet.