Early Rimless  British Army Brodie - Hybrid Helmet

Early Rimless British Army Brodie - Hybrid Helmet

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A difficult to find WW1 British Helmet being a classic “Hybrid" version of the Brodie Helmet worn when the British Army was changing from the 1915 Pattern Brodie to the Mk1 Brodie in August/September 1916.

There are elements of both helmet types and was typically issued in the September 1916 period, and then used throughout the remainder of the war.

The helmet shell is of the rimless 1915 Pattern however the chin strap bales on the shell have been replaced by the later wider Mk.1 chin strap bales. The chinstrap and lining are also of the later Mk.1 type, as is the sandy mid-khaki paint finish which is of course original. The inner rim is clearly marked with the M.S. stampings.

Inside, the oil cloth sweatband is in very good condition and carries the Brodie stamp, the netting, linen and felt inner lining all very good as is the overall condition with the exception of the chinstrap which is complete but with a break.