EU Spec. Deactivated Sterling Mk4 Sub Machine Gun

EU Spec. Deactivated Sterling Mk4 Sub Machine Gun

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A good example of a British Mk4 Sterling Sub Machine Gun L2A3, deactivated to current EU specifications, the bolt cut and welded into place, the spring can only be pulled partially backwards with the cocking lever.

Overall condition is the very good with the “crinkle” finish intact although I note the stock is reluctant to lock in the folded position.

Complete with original magazine and sling.  

In 1954 the British Army replaced its aging STEN submachine gun with the Sterling L2A1.  Designed by George Patchett the chief designer at the Sterling Armaments Company (who had produced the Lanchester submachine gun) near the end of World War Two.  It was known at the time as the Patchett submachine gun and was tested by the British Army in 1944.

The Sterling first saw action during the Suez Crisis and later in Northern Ireland, the Falklands and with Commonwealth SAS during the Vietnam War.  Very controllable weapons with little muzzle climb. They were also extremely reliable with fouling grooves cut into the bolt to allow dirt to be moved away from the action as the bolt cycled.

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