German Imperial Extra KS 98 Officer's /NCO's Private Purchase Bayonet

German Imperial Extra KS 98 Officer's /NCO's Private Purchase Bayonet

Code: 56072


A very nice example of an Imperial Extra KS98 Sawback Officer's or NCO's Private Purchase Bayonet Bayonet.

The Bayonet itself has nickel fittings with an Eagle’s head pommel with Bayonet release button and half quillon cross guard. A red felt plug remains in place in the groove for the rifle Bayonet mount. Grip plates are in a black composite material with large screws and bolts in keeping with the period.

The sawback blade measures 248mm and in keeping with these early examples is without any maker’s marks and is completely free from damage of any kind retaining virtually all of the factory nickel plating.

The scabbard is painted in black enamel and is in near perfect condition, without dents or scratches, however the internal retaining springs are weak and the Bayonet will fall free if inverted.  

The frog is in a patent brown leather the area above the opening for the scabbard retaining lug now almost broken through. A hole in the belt loop is perhaps from once having been hung for display. All stitching is intact.

Finally, the knot is rare and very desirable being Sachen and in very good condition.

A very nice bayonet which displays beautifully.

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