German M35/38 Bunker Telephone

German M35/38 Bunker Telephone

Code: 56225


A very good and extremely rare 1942 dated German Bunker M35/M38 Telephone.

Constructed with a heavy cast iron case with aluminium handset, this example is in very good condition and complete with its front cover secured by three triangular headed bolts, one of which has the head missing.

Inside all components appear in place as is the exterior crank handle used to generate a bell to notify the operator the call has terminated.

Power for these telephones was provided by 3 x T30 batteries contained in a separated and wired box. Which is not included.

The original front plate is present with the words "Achtung Feind Mit" (foes are listening) and "Nach Gespräch 3 mal Abläuten" (after the speaking, turn the crank 3 times)"