German M35 Greatcoat - 1940 Dated

German M35 Greatcoat - 1940 Dated

Code: 56093


A very nice example of a German M35 Pattern Greatcoat  constructed in field-grey wool.

This early 1940 dated piece has the desirable blue green lay down collar which was to be done away with later in the same year.

The coat has a large flap which folds across the chest and is secured prior to closing the double breasted front with a single button, the front then closed with two rows of grey pebbled buttons matching those on the shoulders.

The collar is closed with a single hook and eye, the left side with a small cloth flap to protect the neck from the hook. I believe both shoulder straps to be reproduction but remain good for display purposes.

At the hip on each side is a slanting flap covering access to the internal bag type pockets, the left pocket with an internal opening to allow a Sabre or Dagger to be hung from a belt. Each side seam has a 4cm long vertical opening which allow the belt support hooks from the field blouse to be utilized when a belt is worn with the coat.

Each sleeve terminates with a deep fold back French cuff whilst at the back a two part belt is joined by two further pebbled buttons. The belt is positioned so that any leather belt worn would sit roughly above it.

There is an open pleat running from the rear belt to the skirt with four closure buttons showing this to be a field service coat and not one in intended for walking out or parade where the pleat would be stitched closed.   

Inside, the coat is part lined with a grey cotton drill with one pocket on the left side above which are the stores stamps showing a chest size of 92 cms (36”) and an issue date of 1940.

Overall condition is very good. I found one very small moth nip and some light marks just above the skirt on the right side and two small moth holes on the underside of the collar on the right side.

A textbook example