German M36 Enlisted Man's Field Blouse

German M36 Enlisted Man's Field Blouse

Code: 56005


An excellent and forum discussed M36 Enlisted Man’s Field Blouse (Feldbluse) as worn by a Soldat (Private)

Constructed in a field grey cloth (a term going back to WW1 even though the cloth was much more of a green) the blouse has two lower pleated bellows pockets and two pleated breast pockets. Each pocket is flapped and closed by a single grey pebbled button identical to the five closing the front of the Blouse and the two for the slip on shoulder straps. The neck is further secured by a single hook and eye.

Each cuff is open ended and can be closed and adjusted by one of two buttons. The four belt support hooks are in place, two at the front and two at the back.

The insignia is of course original but appears to have been re applied using a machined zig zag pattern. The breast eagle is the BeVo pattern, the Litzen on the blue green collar has the generic blue stripes authorized in 1938 for wear by all branches. The slip on shoulder straps are missing but this Blouse came to me with a very good reproduction pair of Infantry straps which I will include in the interest of completeness if the new owner wants them.

Inside, the Blouse is part lined in a grey cotton drill, the stores markings showing it to be a 96 cm (37 ¾”) chest

Overall condition is very good the only sign of moth being some minor nibbles along the bottom edges of the lower pockets.