German "Sud Front" Tunic to an Oberstleutnant

Code: 56037


One of my favourite recent acquisitions is this “Sud Front” privately purchased Tunic to a medical Obestleutnant.

Tailored in a now sun bleached lightweight cotton, the Tunic follows the lines of the M36 pattern with four flapped and pleated pockets, each closed with an Assmann “Extra Fein” pebbled button, matching the five front closure buttons. Each sleeve is finish with a full French cuff. Turning back the cuffs reveal the original field grey of the Tunic as does the front closure flap.

Above the right breast pocket is an officer’s flat wire eagle whilst the blue green collar has the bars of a medical officer, turning up the collar shows one moth hole.

Both shoulder boards are of the slip on variety and show the rank of Oberstleutnant and are secured by a loop and Assmann screw in button, one board with slight moth damage to the medical blue backing and both show the medical Caduseus.

Inside, the Tunic is unlined but with an opening to the left pocket to allow a dagger to be hung from a waistbelt.

A very nice example to a high ranking officer and free from damage other than those noted.