Heer General's Car Pennant with Frame

Heer General's Car Pennant with Frame

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£1,900.00 Approx $2405.06, €2219.63, £1900

An impressive Wehrmacht General’s Car Pennant constructed in a field-grey cloth base, trimmed along the top and bottom edges of both the obverse and reverse with gold bullion wire tresse with Swastikas.

Both sides feature an impressive eagle and Swastika with outstretched wings, machine embroidered in a golden cotton thread.

Contained within a nonmagnetic plated frame measuring 390mm x 260mm and protected by celluloid covers, the cloth pennant itself is in very good condition, the frame constructed in two parts with bends toward the second half and tip at the fly end. At the hoist end the vertical section of the frame is joined by two bolts with wing nuts so I do believe it would be possible to disassemble it to straighten out the bends.

A section of the original fender (wing) fixing pole remains, cut short where it was removed from the Car and missing its acorn top device.