Hitler Youth Dagger by Eickhorn

Hitler Youth Dagger by Eickhorn

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A particularly nice example of a 1939 dated Hitler Youth Dagger by the preferred maker Eickhorn of Solingen.

The eagle’s head and crossguard fittings are heavily nickel plated without the often seen age “bubbling” to the plating, the black chequered grip plates perfect. Inset to one of the grips is the HJ diamond with the classic “fish scale” pattern to the red sections.

The blade is particularly nice, full length, bright and without damage, with the leather buffer in place and of the type that did not feature the motto. The ricasso is impressed 39, the Eickhorn logo and RZM M 7 /66 still prominent and without wear.

The leather belt hanger is very good, the black enamelled scabbard good but with some distress toward the tip, possibly having been pinched and straightened at some time.

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