Indian Made British Army Battledress Blouse

Indian Made British Army Battledress Blouse

Code: 55978


A 1942 dated and originally badged Indian made British Army battledress Blouse to a Corporal in the R.E.M.E.

Following the ‘37 Pattern Blouse the general appearance for display is very good but with a number of moth holes which I have shown. There are two which are quite obvious, one on the lower right edge of the right breast pocket and one on the left shoulder at the back. One of the front closure buttons is missing.

Each sleeve has Corporal’s stripes, a branch of service strip and R.E.M.E. shoulder titles. In addition, the right sleeve has a trade badge for a signaller / radio operator.

Inside, the label is in place and whilst this shows a very small chest size, the Blouse actually measures a 36” chest and was photographed on a 38” chest mannequin torso.

Underneath the inside pocket is the Indian stamp and 6/42 date