Infantry Attributed WW1 Unblancoed 1908 Pattern Waistbelt

Infantry Attributed WW1 Unblancoed 1908 Pattern Waistbelt

Code: 55999


A wonderful attributed unblancoed 1908 Pattern Webbing Belt to an Infantryman.

Having been only lightly service used the Belt is very good condition overall and completely without damage. It has never been blancoed and retains its original issue fawn webbing colour throughout.

Most pleasing however is the desirable circumstance that to the rear of the Belt the original owner has a applied a very nice identification label with his details. This is very faded now and is only partially readable, one can just make out however: “Cpl. C.Turner” then: “B Coy” and then either: “Innis Fus” or “Royal Fus”. Sadly the other details such as the Battalion and his Service Number are not presently readable, enough is there though to indicate this belt was used by an Infantryman. From my reading of the label I am leaning more towards the “Innis Fus” reading of the text, this standing for the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, a renowned WW1 Irish Infantry Regiment with a splendid history.

Due to the presence of the label any manufacturers details to the belt are not visible, it however can be dated to no later than 1917 as it still retains the pairs of reinforcing rivets to the rear supporting strap tabs. By 1918 such rivets on 1908 Pattern Belts were omitted at manufacture as an economy measure.