Kaiserlische Marine U-Boat Cap Ribbon

Kaiserlische Marine U-Boat Cap Ribbon

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The first of a large collection of Kaiserliche Marine, Reichmarine and Kriegsmarine Cap Ribbons all from one collection and all sold by Detlev Nieman some years ago after a museum closure.

This Ribbon for the S.M. Unterseeboot U3 is in excellent unissued condition and appears to be full length at approximately 100cms. The ribbon itself is silk with the machine lettering in a silver wire. This is what was know as a Kantinenband and was sold commercially at the time to sailors to commemorate their service on the vessel. 

SM U-3 ("SM" stands for "Seiner Majestät" (His Majesty's) U-3) was the third German U-boat created by the German Empire in their history, and the first of two submarines in its class. The boat was built by Kaiserliche Werft Danzig and was launched on 27 March 1909. U-3 began her career in World War I as a training boat from 1 August 1914 to 11 November 1918. On 1 December 1918, the surrendered boat was being towed to Preston to be broken up when she sank.