Kriegsmarine 11 Klasse Navigation Watch by Stowa

Kriegsmarine 11 Klasse Navigation Watch by Stowa

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£2,700.00 Approx $3417.72, €3154.21, £2700

A quite beautiful example of a Kriegsmarine  11 Klasse Kriegsmarine Navigation Watch by Stowa.

Contained in a nickel case approximately 60mm in width the watch has a luminous dial, Roman numerals and blued steel hands. At 6.00 is a secondary seconds dial. Below the 12.00 marker is KM and Stowa.

On the backplate is the Eagle and Swastika over M, the watch serial number 15057, 11 Kl and the movement number 346.

The movement itself in 19 Jewel and again shows the Stowa name and movement number.

Fully overhauled about 10 years ago the watch runs very well and keeps very good time. After the overhaul the watchmaker noted the movement was superb, indicative of the high quality of these watches which were used to set time on all other clocks on the ship.

Originally displayed in a wooden case during service, the last image shows one of these 11 KL watches in place during surface running on U-124.