Kriegsmarine 3/4 Length Leather Deck Coat for U-Boat Crews etc.

Kriegsmarine 3/4 Length Leather Deck Coat for U-Boat Crews etc.

Code: 56514


A very nice service used example of a Kriegsmarine ¾ Length Leather Uniform Coat.

Although most commonly associated with use by U-Boat crews these were also issued to deck and bridge personnel on surface vessels, notably E-Boats.

Constructed in a soft grey leather, this textbook issue Coat has two flapped hip pockets and two side slash pockets.

The Coat is closed by four rows of buttons in a double breasted style, a fifth row, removed in this case, enabled the lay flat lapels to be buttoned to the top the collar then closed by and held in place by a leather strap with horn buttons. In this case the lapels and collar have been tacked together for a smarter look, hence no doubt the reason for removing the fifth row of buttons.  

The buttons themselves are marked Extra Fine with no Kriegsmarine mark and I assume they are therefore post war Bundesmarine buttons used to replace the missing wartime buttons buttons, grey when issued but often changed to gold by choice 

At chest level is a single straight yoke with one across the shoulder at the back and most importantly, the Kriegsmarine property stamp remains clear to the right of the closure buttons.

Although usually issued without insignia this kapitain Leutnant has introduced a pair of T bar shoulder boards into the sleeve seams, secured by a button and screw post.

Inside, the lining is a grey / black wool with one internal pocket and no moth damage.

Overall condition is very good with some surface wear to the finish but damage or repairs.

Although I do not guarantee fit, the dimensions are:

Chest size, measured outside: 39” (99cms)

Shoulder to cuff: 23.5” (59 cms)

Base of neck to skirt: 35” (89cms)

Perfect for a Mannequin display