Kriegsmarine Award Certificate for the U Boat Combat Clasp in Bronze

Kriegsmarine Award Certificate for the U Boat Combat Clasp in Bronze

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One of the rarer kriegsmarine Award Certificates ( Verleihungs-Urkunde) to find are those for the U Boat Combat Clasp ( U-Boots-Frontspange) the award itself only instituted on 15th. May 1944 less that 12 months before the end of the war in Europe.

There were no specified merits for earning the award; decoration was based on the recommendations of the U-boat commander and subject to approval by Karl Dönitz. Awards were often due to the number of patrols completed or demonstrations of valour in combat.

Measuring approximately 210mm x 150mm this example is in very good, unfolded condition but with two punch holes from storage and is for the Bronze award.

This Award was to Funkobergefreiter (Radio operator) Werner Strakosch who served on U 425 and was lost with the boat on the 17th. February 1945 when she was sunk by depth charges dropped by the British sloop HMS Lark and the corvette HMS Alnwick Castle near Murmansk. He was just 22 years old.

The certificate is dated 13 November 1944 and is signed by Fregattenkapitan und Chef 13 Unterseebootsflottille, Rolf Ruggeberg who survived the war and went on to become Naval Attache in London in the 1960s.

A poignant and scarce  Certificate which would compliment the previously listed Bronze U Boat Combat Clasp perfectly.