Kriegsmarine Barograph with Transit Box

Kriegsmarine Barograph with Transit Box

Code: 56519


A very nice and complete Kriegsmarine Barograph by Lufft.

Complete with its original transit box and spare graphs all elements are in very good condition, the Barograph itself working well.

The transit case is without damage and marked to the maker.

The barograph is contained in its glass sided case, the case with a clear and unmolested data plate with an inventory number 182. Of note is the mark on the right side of the lid where a warm cup has been placed in the past.

Unlike a Barometer which records Barometric pressure on a dial, the Barograph works with a clockwork revolving drum and ink filled marker with displays the changes in pressure visually. After running for 7 days the graph paper can be changed and a fresh graph added.

An appealing and socially accept display piece.