Kriegsmarine Barograph

Kriegsmarine Barograph

Code: 56170


A very good working example of a Kriegsmarine Barograph mounted in medium dark oak case glazed on three sides and hinged on the right side. Unlike a Barometer which shows air pressure on a dial, the Barograph displays the changes in pressure by dislaying it on a chart attached to a mechanical rotating clockwork driven drum. In this way a pictorial record of the changes in Barometric pressure over the period of one week is retained. Generally speaking low pressure can be associated with poor weather whilst a rise in air pressure indicates and improvement. These would have been carried on ships for that purpose.

 The case measures 280mm x 135mm x 150mm. There is a folding carrying handle and a Kriegsmarine property plate with Eagle and Swastika over M and the North Sea Fleet inventory number 4778 N. The case is in very good condition with one significant bruise on the upper right corner at the back.

Inside, the mechanism is clean, and everything functions well. A vertical pin moves the drawing arm clear of the rotating drum when not in use, the drum itself with an original German chart calibrated in millibars. Construction of the mechanical drum is Bakelite with good markings and a fixed winding key.