Kriegsmarine Binnacle Compass by Askania

Kriegsmarine Binnacle Compass by Askania

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£800.00 Approx $976.8, €929.15, £800

An impressive Third Reich period Askania Marine Compass mounted on gimbals within a two part Binnacle of aluminium construction.

The liquid filled compass appears to work well giving sensible magnetic indications, the outer rim profusely marked with the Askania logo, W3016508, M2890, Askania Werke A.G. Berlin. A bearing sight is centrally mounted on the compass for use when the top cover of the Binnacle is removed. This is again marked with Askania logo, W.300146 and most importantly the Kriegsmarine property mark eagle and Swastika. Compass and components are in very good condition, the sighting wire present but not secured.

The grey painted Binnacle itself stands approximately 320mm in height with a viewing window and internal lighting, the lower half again with the Askania logo and 3040117. Overall condition is very good without damage.

Used on smaller coastal or harbour craft it displays well as a backdrop to a Kriegsmarine collection.