Kriegsmarine Clock From U-1103. Operation Deadlight

Kriegsmarine Clock From U-1103. Operation Deadlight

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Another survivor from Operation Deadlight is this Kriegsmarine Junghans 8 day clock apparently taken from U-1103 prior to being sunk off Scotland in 1945.

The clock itself has a 70 mm case and is known as a duty clock, originally mounted in a wooden case but now displayed in a crude wooden block for wall hanging. It is in good working order, but the glass is cracked horizontally, and the eagle and Kriegsmarine markings have been scratched off.

The wooden block is clearly marked in pencil U 1103 with additional script which can no longer be made out. I can at least see surrendered and 1945.

On 5 May 1945, U-1103 surrendered at Cuxhaven, Germany and was later transferred from Wilhelmshaven to Loch Ryan, Scotland. Of the 156 U-boats that eventually surrendered to the Allied forces at the end of the war, U-1103 was one of 116 selected to take part in Operation Deadlight. U-1103 was towed out and sank on 30 December 1945, by naval gunfire.