Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Officer's Field cap

Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Officer's Field cap

Code: 55909


The last from this small collection of Coastal Artillery Caps is this excellent Officer’s Field Service Cap (Feldmutze).

Apart from the very slight marks visible in places to the grey green cotton lining the cap can be described as in excellent condition, free from moth or other damage.

Constructed in a wool / rayon cloth with the side flaps piped with a golden twisted Celleon wire, the flaps themselves secured at the front with two vertical reenforced threads below which is the golden Soutache, discontinued by order in 1942.

The BeVo weave eagle is correctly factory applied, machine stitched across the top with the eagle inverted and then folded down to be finished by hand. Beneath the Soutache the national roundel is machine applied.

There are no stampings inside this beautiful Cap which would be impossible to upgrade.