Kriegsmarine Half Size Miniature Dirk.

Kriegsmarine Half Size Miniature Dirk.

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Sometimes incorrectly referred to as “Salesman’s Samples” these miniatures were available for purchase as gifts and often given by various companies to chosen clients or customers.

Less frequently encountered than those of the Army or Luftwaffe this Kriegsmarine example is in very good condition and free from damage. It features the 1938 Third Reich eagle pommel with wreath and Swastika and shows very good detail. The grip is white celluloid with horizontal rings unlike the full size Daggers. Overall length while in the scabbard is judt over 19cms.

The crossguard follows the design seen on the full size Dagger with dual fouled anchor centre and block acanthus leaves to the quillion arms. There is also a bullion portepee which has toned with age.

The unmarked blade is virtually mint having ricasso, double edges with one centre ridge. Blade length is approximately 13 cms.

The scabbard is the lightning bolt variety and again mimics the full size scabbard in design, the suspension loop bands in the early style with figure of 8 rope windings. The Dirk fits snugly into place and remains secure.

A very nice example of a rare Half Size Miniature Kriegsmarine Dirk.