Kriegsmarine sailor's Cap, Battleship Scharnhorst

Kriegsmarine sailor's Cap, Battleship Scharnhorst

Code: 55970


A very nice early (model 1931) Kriegsmarine Sailor’s Cap (Matrosenmutzer) with detachable white top and one piece pin back Eagle and Swastika with nickel plated roundel.

The Cap is in very good, the cover and hat band without obvious signs of damage.

Of importance is the full length silk Cap tally or ribbon with early golden wire inscription “Schlachtshiff Scharnhorst” (battleship Scharnhorst). The ribbon shows some wear along the lower edge along with the effects of sea spray. On 5th September 1939 it was ordered that a generic “Kriegsmarine” Cap tally was to replace the ship’s name for security reasons therefore predating this Cap.

Inside, the leather sweatband is very good, the white cover with a typical Kriegsmarine name tape to Guckes and 56K, the size and perhaps the Kiel depot designator. Attached to the hat frame is the stiffener to support the front to of the cover, this again with the name Guckes and the size 56.   

Scharnhorst was completed in January 1939 and the order changing the tallies came in September so this Cap most probably dates from that small time window.

In 1943 the Scharnhorst was sunk with the loss of all but 36 of her complement of 1968 men.

A lovely Cap from a formidable ship.